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Good lord, am I to fall behind on even just posting links over here?

OK, here we go, since last we spoke:

2 weekly roundups:
Popcorn & Candy: Float On
Popcorn & Candy: The Marrying Kind

3 movie reviews on DCist:
I'm Still Here
The Town
A Woman, a Gun, and a Noodle Shop

and, 1 review on NPR:
The Romantics

Lonecellist on NPR & DCist

Oh, what a busy week. Next time I decide to do something like this, somebody slap some sense into me. After Wednesday's review of The American, everything just goes into a blurry haze. Let's get to linking, shall we?

First, there's the usual weekly film column, in which we talk briefly about The Tillman Story and a screening of Roman Holiday among other things. That would be Popcorn & Candy: Misdirected

Then there's a review of Woolly Mammoth's excellent production of Sara Ruhl's equally excellent In the Next Room, or the vibrator play.

Then we have three movie reviews:

At NPR, a review of Robert Rodriguez's Machete, which I saw today was quoted over on CNN.

And, on DCist, reviews of Mesrine: Public Enemy #1, the second half of two part French crime film I started reviewing last week, and Centurion, Neil Marshall's extra bloody Roman battle flick.

Rest assured I passed out hard at the end of this week.

Lonecellist on DCist

My review on DCist of the quiet new George Clooney thriller, The American.
The next installment of our summer rooftop movie series was announced today over at Cinéma sur le toit. Check it out.

Lonecellist on NPR & DCist

Two reviews for today, both movies about criminals, but that's where the similarity ends. One is an awful, formulaic, cliche-ridden GQ ad posing as a heist movie, Takers (on NPR), and the other is a good-bordering-on-excellent account of the life of notorious French criminal Jacques Mesrine, the first of two parts, Mesrine: Killer Instinct (on DCist).

Lonecellist on DCist

After taking a head-clearing week off for vacation, P&C returns with a rather trashy group of film picks: Popcorn & Candy: Double Trouble

Lonecellist on NPR & DCist

Despite the radio silence, I did, in fact, have a couple of movie reviews posted last week. It's just I was relaxing on the beach when they did. So here they are, belatedly:

On NPR, a review of a narratively problematic, but visually fascinating Peruvian film about mercury poisoning in the native populations that live near gold mines in the high plateaus of southern Peru, Altiplano.

And on DCist, Bruce Beresford's adaptation of the biography of Li Cunxin, a renowned Chinese ballet dancer whose improbable rise from a tiny Chinese village to the biggest stages of the world feels a little too formulaic in Mao's Last Dancer.

Lonecellist on NPR & DCist

Three reviews for today:

On NPR, a solid little British abduction thriller in The Disappearance of Alice Creed.

And on DCist, the mountaineering documentary about an attempt to (somewhat) recreate the first attempt at climbing Everest, The Wildest Dream, as well as the new Todd Solondz, a ten-years-after sequel to Happiness in Life During Wartime.

Lonecellist on DCist

Not as good as the first, still better than the average horror flick: my review of [REC] 2.

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